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When it comes to optimizing service delivery performance, “know your customer” has become more critical than ever. In this digital era, data-driven insights provide endless possibilities for customization as the connected customer seeks personalized experiences with relevant, empathetic and real-time interactions.

To get ahead of the competition, the key is being able to meet customer expectations and provide a valuable experience to keep them coming back for more. Organization leaders who can grasp deeper understanding of their customers’ motivations and desires will take the lead when it comes to meeting their needs more quickly and efficiently. 

KPMG’s Customer Advisory team can help you achieve Customer Excellence through comprehensive approaches and techniques of assessments. Our professional network also supports organizations to formulate customized solutions in alignment to industry best practices and bench-markings.  

Together, we can help you develop and deliver seamless, personal customer experiences that drive engagement, satisfaction and loyalty -- and profitable growth.

How we help you do that

As organizations become more customer-centric, it is important they shift their focus to disruption across the enterprise in order to drive a shared customer lifecycle for profitable growth.

We deliver customized services within the following areas: 

  • Customer Data & Analytics
  • Service Transformation
  • Marketing Transformation
  • Customer Strategy
  • Employee Experience
  • Sales Transformation
  • Customer Experience

What’s in it for you?

Keeping positive growth of the organization in mind, our approach to establish an outstanding CX solution for you will result in tangible return of investments (ROI), which is in alignment to the overall business direction


Six Pillars of CX Excellence

KPMG’s Customer Experience Excellence Centre (CEEC) research hub has validated six fundamental components of every great customer experience journey, which applies across all industries. The results are based on almost a decade of research and more than 2 million evaluations across multiple markets. 

6 pillars

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