KPMG can gain a thorough understanding of your business goals to help ensure the way you use technology drives growth, and improves business performance whilst retaining operational integrity.  We help some of the world’s largest organizations identify and secure the maximum benefit from their technology enabled programmes.

By operating as integrated teams of business and technical specialists, we reflect the high degree of interdependency between the performance of your business functions and the underlying technology. By doing this we capture the business benefits, rather than providing a purely technical solution.

Our team focuses in three key areas:

  • IT enabled business programmes - ensuring your investments in IT programmes realize the target benefits, by designing and managing the programmes and delivery of the technology solutions. 
  • Reporting and decision support - ensuring you gain the insight to allow you to take effective and timely decisions when managing your business.
  • IT strategy and organization - ensuring your strategic use of IT and your delivery model support your business strategy in the most effective and appropriate way.


  • Increased alignment of technology and business strategy.
  • Earlier and reliable delivery of business benefits. 
  • Reduced risk of major project failure and delays.
  • Helping the business functions and IT team to work effectively together.
  • Competitive advantage, from improved financial and management reporting, enabling fast incisive commercial decisions.

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