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Data Privacy Services

Data Privacy Services

Data Privacy Services

The data economy has provided an opportunity for organizations globally to gain more customers and increase revenue by leveraging on the treasure trove of data to derive new insights and innovations to keep ahead of their competition. At the same time, however, regulators are stepping up their oversight on privacy of personal data, and consumers are becoming more aware and proactive regarding their data rights.

With cyber-crime becoming more complex over time, it is imperative that organizations have effective strategies and mitigating measures in place to safeguard the organization from potential breaches and the reputational risks associated with them.

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How do consumers around the world feel about data privacy?

How can KPMG help?

KPMG member firms’ privacy professionals support clients in resolving complex privacy issues, from niche challenges specific to certain organizations, to end-to-end privacy compliance programs in complex and highly regulated industries. The KPMG Data Privacy Services team has deep experience in helping clients to address the challenges posed by privacy risk, with a structured and flexible approach to meet the needs of diverse organizations. The global reach of KPMG member firms enables us to work effectively across multiple territories at a local level.

Areas where we can assist include:

  • Assessments - Provide an independent assessment of your organization’s current privacy risk profile and how this compares to a desired state
  • Design - Work with you to design a privacy compliance program to meet the requirements of the regulatory framework
  • Strategy - Work with you to develop a pragmatic privacy strategy and gain buy-in from senior management
  • Implement - Support the implementation of robust and sustainable privacy processes, policies and controls to assist you in mitigating the privacy risks
  • Operate - Provide ongoing support and advice to assist you in operating your privacy control environment
  • Monitor - Support you in maintaining your privacy control environment


KPMG’s Privacy Compliance Roadmap

KPMG's approach to data privacy follows this compliance journey, which is designed on the basis that organizations need tailored risk-based solutions to address their individual privacy needs, risk appetite and future business strategy. The milestones in the compliance journey are the distinct components that KPMG deploys and operationalizes to help organizations ensure compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations.

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