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Cyber Response Services

Cyber Response Services

Cyber Security incidents are becoming more inevitable as a result of an increasingly interconnected and technology-enabled world. No organization is immune; recent cyber breaches at major corporations highlight the increasing sophistication, stealth and persistence of cyber-attacks that organizations are facing today. The loss of intellectual property, customer data, and other sensitive information as well as resulting business operation disruption can cause severe financial and reputational damage. 

Where business is the top priority, it is important you are prepared and able to respond effectively. 

KPMG’s experienced cyber team employs over 3,500 Cyber Security, Cyber Response and Forensic Technology professionals worldwide. We advise leading organizations to effectively manage and protect their most valuable data across a broad spectrum of evolving threats and scenarios in all forms of cybercrime including: insider threats, data breaches, hacktivism, advanced persistent threat-style intrusions by highly motivated adversaries.  

KPMG adopts a holistic, adaptive strategy that aligns to your business goals and focus on delivering long-term value for your business. 

We are also heavily involved in the cyber security community which provides us with early insights into emerging issues. The pragmatic advice and the services we can offer your organization are shaped from the experience we have gained and relationships we have developed serving clients of various size, scope, and complexity. 


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