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Emerging Tech Risk & Cyber

Emerging Tech Risk & Cyber

we believe leadership need a new perspective to take control of cyber security.

we believe leadership need a new perspective to take control of cyber security.

In today’s technology-driven environment, we believe leadership need a new perspective to take control of cyber security. Focusing on the areas that matter most, we believe in proactively incorporating cyber risk management into all activities. Internet security is not just a reactive technical fix, it can drive change and secure the future of your business.

KPMG Emerging Tech Risk & Cyber help leading organizations worldwide effectively manage and protect their most valuable data across a broad spectrum of evolving threats and scenarios. We approach cyber security not as a one-time project, but rather an adaptive strategy aligned to your business goals and focused on delivering long-term value for your business. In this respect, KPMG in Malaysia can provide security services classified in service categories as follows:

Unified Compliance
Cyber Security Maturity Assessments Certification Advisory Services Regulatory Compliance Advisory.
Information Security Strategy Organizational Information Security Major Information Protection Programmes.
Information Security Strategy and Govemance
IT-GRC Maturity Assessments, IT-GRC Roadmap development, IT-GRC automation and customization services.
Information Security Assessment
Vulnerability Assessments Penetration Testing Specialized Information Security Assessment.
Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery.
Information Security Technology
Information Security Architecture Services Information Security Technology Maturity Assessment Customization Maturity Assessment.

“ We believe cyber security should be about what you can do – not what you can’t” 

Why choose KPMG’s Cyber Security team?

Driven by Business Aspirations

We work with you to move your business forward. Positively managing cyber risk not only helps you take control of uncertainty across your business; you can turn it into a genuine strategic advantage.

Razor Sharp Insights

In a fast-moving digital world of constantly evolving threats and opportunities, you need both agility and assurance. Our people are experts in both cyber security and your market, which means we give you leading edge insight, ideas and proven solutions to act with confidence.

Shoulder to Shoulder

We work with you as long term partners, giving you the advice and challenge you need to make decisions with confidence. We understand that this area is often clouded by feelings of doubt and vulnerability so we work hand-inhand with you to turn that into a real sense of security and opportunity.

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