How ESG practices help to enhance corporate resilience

How ESG practices help to enhance corporate resilience


This article by Kasturi Nathan and Phang Oy Cheng focuses on enhancing business resilience by re-evaluating companies’ mainstream risks and key ESG factors, given that ESG cohesion is already gaining scrutiny from regulators and investors, long before this pandemic crisis.

Companies should review the existing risk management processes to ensure the adaptability and agility of the companies' enterprise risk management framework in addressing the changing risk and market landscape. When assessing risk, the systemic and interdependent nature of ESG risks can make evaluating their impact quite challenging. ESG-related impacts are likely to occur or intensify over a dynamic time frame.

ESG considerations have a role in advocating and institutionalizing innovation and has become a fundamental aspect of business continuity and sustainable growth. Innovation is focused on long-term resources and environment efficiency, rather than short-term revenue and profits.

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