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Actualizing and optimizing virtual general meetings

Actualizing and optimizing virtual general meetings


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This article by Kasturi Nathan and Krishman Varges focuses on how listed issuers should endeavor to remove any prevailing impediments and make shareholders’ transition from physical AGMs to virtual AGMs as seamless as possible.

According to them, it is vital for listed issuers to pay heed to the intricacies of this newfound setting which would potentially be characterized by higher shareholder participation rate, greater scrutiny and extensive use of technological enablers.

The article also provided an integrated approach with the moniker of PROOF - (PR - pre-AGM preparation; O - observing the proceedings and OF - officially finalizing). Simply put, such an approach calls for listed issuers to optimize the virtual AGM platform to interactively engage with shareholders from the "get-go" stage, analyze sentiments and feedback from the proceedings and ultimately arm themselves with useful insights in crafting the listed issuer's action plans moving forward.


Click to read the full article published in The Star

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