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The unprecedented disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has been significant and far-reaching for many organisations. Though the exact impact has varied from industry to industry and workplace to workplace, one common thread is that many have had to make remarkable changes to the way they operate.

As the Government measures are relaxed overtime, the volume of workers returning to the physical office will increase. However, organisations will need to put consideration on a number of elements to allow for flexible working aside from remote work.

Our insights cover the following areas that an insurance company should address as we move towards the 'new normal': 

  • Priority groups – Who are a priority for returning to work on-site?
  • Scheduling – How do we group teams to be in the same physical space?
  • Health & wellbeing – Continued provision of additional health and well-being measures, both on-site and virtually
  • Effective working – Designing how mixed teams will work e.g. team meetings combining face to face with virtual, to ensure consistent interactions
  • Employee engagement – Continued engagement through communications at all levels and across office based and virtual teams
  • Technology – Management of technology and networks to cope with combination of in-house and remote access, ensuring remote workers are not disadvantaged
  • Policy – Redesign and alignment of HR and employment policies to the new working practices
  • Facilities & workplace – Redesign of office space to serve remote and face-to-face simultaneously


For more information on what is happening in insurance, with a focus on returning to work, download and read our full guide here