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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have had to rapidly adapt to remote working. However, in the process of adopting this new working model, some businesses may have expedited the approval of new technologies and processes while leaving privacy compliance as an afterthought.

With remote work becoming the ‘new normal’, businesses should take the time to re-evaluate practical steps they can take to restore privacy compliance within their organization.

Some steps to consider include:

  • Adapt your communications and awareness campaigns to fit the new way of working.
  • Review if your employee monitoring processes and data collection for staff are fair, adequate and transparent.
  • Ensure your security team is monitoring the implementation of security and privacy controls for any new assets acquired to support remote working.
  • Verify that emergency contractors or suppliers onboarded to support COVID-19 have undergone privacy due diligence.
  • Review data flow diagrams and make any changes to where data is stored, accessed in new locations or used in different ways.

For more practical steps to assess and remediate the privacy compliance gap within your organization, download and read our full guide here.

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