The Industrial Manufacturing sector is experiencing major disruption in the form of IR 4.0. Such disruptions bring not only opportunities, but it is also fraught with challenges – ranging from technology and cyber risks to sustainability.

The biggest opportunities for the Industrial Manufacturing industry to create shared value – i.e. where we see the coming together of market potential, societal demands and policy action – are grouped around the following themes:

  • SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS – Develop more sustainable vehicles, renewable energy infrastructure, resource efficient machinery and agribusiness machinery that will help to generate less effluent, waste and pollutants as well as increase reliability and reduce cost.
  • SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION – Increase proportion of energy from renewable sources and source materials from sustainable sources with lower embedded energy. Develop and implement improved processes to reduce, reuse and recycle water, raw materials, non-renewable minerals, other inputs, by-products and waste.
  • LOW COST PRODUCTS – Develop low cost, durable and efficient products such as medical devices, water pumps, agricultural machinery and microgrid technology.
  • ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT - Collaborate with governments and other companies to establish industrial zones which unlock complementary investments in infrastructure, technology and production. Increase the proportion of materials and components which are sourced locally in low and middle income countries as well as develop the productive capacity of small and medium-sized businesses to participate in global supply chains, including businesses owned by minority groups.


Download the complete SDG Industry Matrix: INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURING

The SDG Industry Matrix includes several examples of collaborations that advance sustainable development. The report also profiles practical company examples submitted through the consultation process.


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