The UN’s Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) pose a unique challenge to the energy sector: how to scale access to clean energy to power sustainable, economic development for a growing population, while simultaneously decarbonizing global energy supply.

Our Matrix outlines some of the most significant opportunities, partnerships and collaborations for the Energy, Natural Resources & Chemicals industry, grouped around the following themes:

  • ENERGY FOR ALL – Drive progress towards universal access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy by considering to extend electricity grids to underserved communities, develop shared energy infrastructure, explore innovative financing and service models, ensure electricity grids and industrial control systems are resilient to cyber, terror and other security threats, and more.
  • ZERO-CARBON ENERGY – Support the transition to net-zero carbon energy by looking to develop and scale breakthrough technologies, develop improved methods of carbon capture and storage, support carbon trading schemes, and more.
  • SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION – Develop and share scaleable systems to improve the resource efficiency and sustainability of production across the value chain, in order to reduce the environmental footprint of operations.
  • COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT - Collaborate with Government, private sector and not-for-profit stakeholders to transform the socio-economic development of communities – especially those surrounding the company’s operations – going beyond compliance, local content requirements and ‘license to operate’ to achieve ‘license to lead’ in healthy, flourishing communities


Download the complete SDG Industry Matrix : ENERGY, NATURAL RESOURCES & CHEMICALS

The Matrix outlines opportunities – under each of the 17 SDGs – for companies to create value for their business whilst creating a more sustainable and inclusive path to economic growth, prosperity, and well-being. It also profiles practical company examples submitted through the consultation process.


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