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A reality check for C-suite leaders on Industry 4.0

A reality check for C-suite leaders on Industry 4.0

The time for experimentation is coming to an end. There's little time to lose for CEOs and C-suite leaders to step up and drive historic change.


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The time for experimentation is ending

Industry 4.0 (i4.0) is a historic paradigm shift that has the remarkable potential to catapult manufacturing into the next generation. But true progress remains limited.

Bold digital transformation is being thwarted by familiar roadblocks - including a lack of leadership and strategic direction, confusion, fear of disruption, ROI uncertainties and more.

The gap between C-suite ambition and tangible transformation remains real and troubling. Few organizations are achieving transformation at the scale and integration needed for new levels of value to emerge. Instead, 'pain point' technology solutions and siloed piloting programs proliferate. Businesses meander along the Industry 4.0 road with no clear view of the future. Pilot-project overload looms.

KPMG's latest report - A reality check for today's C-suite on Industry 4.0 - examines what some firms are doing right and what many others must do better to manage the most-complex business challenge to emerge in generations. CEOs and their organizations need to pursue an informed, strategic, value-based approach to Industry 4.0.

Change for the future is not about adopting shiny new technology or impressive shop-floor gadgetry. This is a strategy and operating-model challenge that transcends yesterday's world of simple IT innovations. It's time to exercise leadership today that drives truly historic, unprecedented change for tomorrow.

How do you compare to today's Fourth Industrial Revolution trailblazers? Our brief self-assessment quiz might prove revealing.


Chapter 1. Success on the transformation journey
Chapter 2. Strategic change begins with focus on value
Chapter 3. Unlocking new value starts with: ‘why?’
Chapter 4. These key 'enablers' are crucial to i4.0 success
Chapter 5. Conclusion: Attention, CEOs – a call to action
Industry 4.0 case studies: Industry 4.0 case studies

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