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As a relatively new entrant to the financial services landscape, digital banking can be seen as either a disruption or a value contributor to the financial system. At KPMG, we see digital banking as a game changer where tremendous opportunities await the companies that are ready. 

The successful digital bank

  The key to achieving success in digital banking in Malaysia can be seen in 3 phases:

The successful digital bank

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered the financial services landscape where businesses seek alternatives to safely run operations and consumers’ habits shift towards cashless transactions. This is the new reality, and an opportune time for virtual banks to thrive. 

We can serve you in various areas

Our professionals have a ready execution plan that can help you throughout your digital banking journey. With access to regional and global expertise in the financial services sector, we can provide the following services:

1. Business plan and partnership assessment

  • Market feasibility study
  • Business strategy and corresponding financial projections
  • Partnership assessments

2. Digital bank license application support

  • Assist in preparing application documents
  • Review submission documents
  • Discussion and responding to BNM

3. Operationalization project management services

  • Develop project charter including business impact and level of effort, business owners and measurable milestones/metrics
  • Core platform technology vendor management
  • Advisory services during operationalization

We also have a committed team of specialists in strategy & partnership, regulatory and compliance, technology, operations, risk management, AML/CFT, governance & sustainability and data analytics that are ready to provide you with comprehensive advisory guidance.

Contact us now for consultation. Discover more about KPMG’s Digital Banking Services by downloading our brochure below.

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