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Consumer, Industrial Markets

Consumer, Industrial Markets

KPMG's Consumer, Industrial Markets practice is co-ordinated to ensure cohesion, consistency and an ability to deliver quality professional services.

KPMG's Consumer, Industrial Markets practice is co-ordinated to ensure cohesion...

Our team of experienced professionals draw on in-depth industry and financial knowledge and hands-on experience to assist clients in meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing consumer and industrial environment.

We provide our services across various sectors: Retail, Food & Drink and Consumer Products, Industrial and Manufacturing.

Companies competing in today's consumer and industrial markets have experienced unprecedented change, having to respond at an ever greater pace to:

  • Increasingly sophisticated consumers 
  • Global expansion of retailers and industry players
  • Concerns about safety, quality, competition and ethical sourcing, leading to increasing regulation
  • New technologies and investment demands
  • Issues in dealing with new markets, economic uncertainty and changing regulations

KPMG works closely with our clients to help them develop appropriate strategies, manage the business and technology risks, and put in place the necessary implementation programmes in a timely and effective way.


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