Arm’s Length Conditions in the “New Norm”


The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused a pandemonium effect to the global economy and businesses. We believe most businesses are greatly impacted by this unprecedented situation and continuously juggling between managing supply chain disruptions whilst trying to remain resilient.

Every business adopt its specific counter measures within the supply chain. In particular to multinationals and local conglomerates with related party transactions, changes to the supply chain may impose tax challenges, especially to their transfer pricing systems.

To shed light on how to determine the arm’s length condition in the “new norm”, we are pleased to invite you to join our webinar co-paneled by our very own Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia’s Director of the Multinational Tax Branch, Encik Hisham Rusli.

In this webinar, amongst others, we will discuss the following commonly asked transfer pricing questions:

  • Is there a need to change current transfer pricing policy?
  • Can a point lower than the median of benchmarking results be targeted ?
  • As a limited risk entity operating locally, can it incur losses?
  • To help related companies that are struggling, is it possible to provide  interest free loans?
  • Specifically in 2020, what level of documentation to maintain for tax audit purposes?


This webinar is complimentary to our KPMG clienteles. However, please note that there is limited seating for this webinar. Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Who should attend?

  1. Chief Financial Officer or equivalent
  2. Finance Managers
  3. Tax Managers/Advisors
  4. Accountants
  5. Accounts/Finance/Tax personnel
Panel members:
Hisham Rusli
Multinational Tax Branch, Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia

Bob Kee
Executive Director
Global Transfer Pricing Services, KPMG in Malaysia


Nivashini Rayapay
Global Transfer Pricing Services, KPMG in Malaysia


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