Digital Banking: Malaysia’s Game-changer


KPMG is pleased to work with Google Cloud to bring you a series of webinar exclusives, focusing on how digital banking is poised to be a game-changer for the Financial Services sector in Malaysia. 

In the second session, we’ll continue on our journey to design a customer-centric bank. Our speakers will share the salient approaches to developing impactful strategies that focus on a customer friendly life-cycle. 

This is the second of four webinars planned. To register, kindly peruse the details below, and register online using the link provided. 

Session 2: Designing a Customer-Centric Bank   

Date: 14 July 2020, Tuesday

Time: 11.00am – 12.00pm

This webinar will include these areas:

  • Designing your brand
  • Customer onboarding made friendly
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Sharing of experience from Mox Bank

Who should attend:

  • C-suite executives (CEO, CFO, COO and CIO)
  • Board of Directors


Yeoh Xin Yi
Executive Director, Financial Services Advisory
KPMG in Malaysia
Chia Tek Yew
Head of Financial Services Advisory
KPMG in Singapore
Lee Weisheng
Industry Head, Financial Services
Deniz Güven
Chief Executive Officer
Mox Bank


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Important notes

  • KPMG’s webinar series are conducted online; hence, you will need to have stable internet access in order to participate. It is recommended to use Google Chrome browser for optimal experience.
  • Registration is on a first come, first served basis.
  • Questions may be posed in advance via the registration page.
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