Home to a quarter of all ocean dwelling fish, these “rainforests of the sea” also provide food and jobs to millions of people around the world. Over the years, coral reefs have suffered due to marine and land-based pollution, climate related threats and destructive human activity.

Determined to contribute to the preservation of a natural national treasure, KPMG in Malaysia started a modest but heartfelt initiative in 2007 which later evolved into a multi-dimensional program in support of coral reef conservation.

KPMG’s Eco Dive Program

The program which won the Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards (Green Leadership) aims to lay essential groundwork in efforts to protect Malaysia’s magnificent living coral reefs.

Keeping ongoing track of coral reef health has proven particularly important in quickly identifying and addressing issues that may affect our reefs. KPMG also understands that education is crucial in creating the mindset changes necessary to prevent further human-caused climate change and pollution. 

With these factors in mind, KPMG’s Eco Dive Program lays the groundwork essential in sustainably protecting Malaysia’s coral reefs via two channels:


A world where the foundations of our oceans – coral reefs – are healthy and thriving, reflecting a flourishing planet where global communities share responsibility for protecting this precious resource that inspires and sustains humankind.

  1. Monitoring coral reef health to assist with identifying and addressing issues that may impact these fragile marine ecosystems.
  2. Grooming the eco ambassadors of tomorrow through educating the younger generation and creating a passion for Nature in our children.
  3. Creating a green mindset change within the community by raising levels of awareness about the plight of coral reefs.