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Economic Package for 2017

Economic Package for 2017

In response to the constitutional mandate, on September 8, 2016, and in an adverse economic environment, the Federal Executive presented the Mexican Congress with the economic package for the following year, as well as reform proposals in various tax areas, which would, following discussions, subject to changes and approvals enter into force starting 2017.

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We present the economic information and the reform proposals that we consider to be the most relevant.


• Economic indicators
• Surcharges
• Tax incentives


• Mexican Income Tax Law:

o Incentives for equipment of power supply for electrical vehicles
o Administrative facilities for micro-enterprises
o Tax treatment for economic aids
o Donations
o Incentive for research and development of technology
o Incentive for sports
o Income and deductions in the area of hydrocarbons
o Transfer pricing
o Individuals


• Value added tax (VAT)


• Mexican Federal Fiscal Code:

o Electronic tax signature
o Widespread use of the taxpayer’s mailbox
o Registration of legal representatives in the Federal Taxpayers Registry
o Strengthening the electronic tax invoices via the internet
o Suppliers of certification documents
o Certifying bodies
o Powers of verification of the Mexican Tax Authorities
o Electronic reviews
o Transfer of patrimony from authorized charities – information to be provided
o Information to be sent to the Mexican Tax  Authorities by the Authorized Certification Suppliers which do not comply with the technical specifications


• Federal Law for Administrative Litigation Procedure

o Exclusive Trial Resolution on the Substance
o Substance study
o Suspension of the procedure
o Oral proceedings
o Expert evidence
o Testing procedure
o Tax review


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