Top Management Perspectives in Mexico 2015

Top Management Perspectives in Mexico 2015

We are pleased to introduce the tenth edition of Top Management Perspectives in Mexico (Perspectivas de la Alta Dirección en México). Each year, we have observed that businesspeople are increasingly concerned with expressing and sharing their concerns, challenges, opportunities and best business practices. We wish to thank all the executives who have helped in this endeavor.


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This year in particular, we are deeply honored to have received a record number of responses, with participation of 716 of Mexico’s business leaders both of medium and large-sized organizations from all industrial sectors. This new participation record confirms the significance of information, which is like a light guiding the best decision making.


This guiding light is particularly necessary this year because the primary economic indicators have changed dramatically, which has prompted businessmen to act more quickly and flexibly. This will make 2015 a great year for identifying and seizing the opportunities created by the Structural Reforms that have been approved over the past few years, notably the Energy reform. Therefore, this year the reforms may start to bear fruit.


Therefore we invite you to read our report. Download it for free! Click here:

Top Management Perspectives in Mexico 2015

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