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Corporate Accounting

Corporate Accounting

KPMG in Malta delivers personalised support services to all companies with regard to accounting, secretarial and administrative support.

KPMG in Malta delivers personalised support services.

If you are feeling that you cannot keep up to date with accounting standards, that your time allocated to the recording and analysis of data is constrained by the collection of the data itself, that you require the experience and investment in an effective process and technology made by a specialist service provider or that the regulatory compliance obligations are too burdensome, our professional team at KPMG can assist you with bridging the gap.

Accounting and Administration Support
High quality accounting is required not only to comply with applicable legislation but also to provide you with accurate and complete information so that you can take decisions based on reliable data.
Our KPMG professionals deliver services to a portfolio of clients engaged in varying sectors of the economy. Our accounting support team delivers a range of accounting and administration support services ranging from the maintenance of proper accounting records and the provision of administration support to the preparation of individual and group IFRS financial statements and other related information.  
We can also second accounting professionals to complement your accounting team, for instance in the case of temporary staff absences.

Setting-up a Company Structure and Ongoing Compliance
Our experienced professionals can help you to set up and register a new company, a partnership, a trust or a foundation as well as assist you in complying with the ongoing regulatory obligations associated with each of these structures.
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