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Talent Development

Talent Development

A method of creating ideal employees that are aligned with your business strategy.

A method of creating ideal employees that are aligned with your business strategy.

The second pillar of strategic talent management is talent development. It is a method of creating an organisation’s ideal employee, assisting employees in achieving their maximum potential, and aligning people performance to the business strategy. Organisations also save on turnover costs by avoiding costs related to hiring and re-training, productivity loss and drop in co-workers morale. 

Talent development programmes support succession planning, ensure career development for employees, and increase employee engagement and retention rates. Organisations also need to ensure they continuously work at closing skills gaps, thus creating a workforce capable of moving the organisation forward in delivering the organisation’s business strategy.

Our portfolio of talent development interventions and talent development programmes spans from highly customised programmes, to National Commission for Further and Higher Education accredited courses.

All our development programmes are based on our Learning is R.E.A.L philosophy which allows us to deliver courses that are reflective, experiential, applied, and support long-term and ongoing development. In view of this, we utilise a blend of approaches organised in a systematic manner. The approaches include;

  • Simulation-based development (support insight and motivation, and contribute towards skill development and real-world practice);
  • Practice- based activities (includes large amounts of practice time, whereby the participants will ‘learn by doing’);
  • Action learning (supports insight, motivation, skill development, real-world practice and accountability).

Customised Talent Development Programmes

  • Management retreats for senior management and C-suite level positions
  • Competency development programmes to develop leadership skills
  • Talent development through drama, aimed to facilitate learning, reflecting specific job and organisation context
  • Customised Competency Development Programmes for employees at all levels
  • Customised Sales and Customer Service Development Programmes

Accredited Talent Development Programmes  

  • Award in Customer Care (MQF Level 2)
  •  Award in Working on the Self: You at the Workplace (MQF Level 2)
  • Work Ethics and Employability Skills (MQF Level 2)
  • Award in Enhancing Employability - Communication and Presentation Skills (MQF Level 3)
  • Award in Leadership Skills (MQF Level 3)
  • Stepping into Work (MQF Level 4)
  • People and the Organisation (MQF Level 4)
  • Skills for Success at Work (MQF Level 4)
  • Train the Trainer Award (MQF Level 4)
  • Coaching and Mentoring (MQF Level 4)
  • Business Psychology for Managers (MQF Level 5)

Off-the-Shelf Talent Development Programmes

  • Skill based developmental programmes
  • Train the trainer
  • Identifying and addressing dysfunctional patterns at work
  • Avoiding serious human errors in organisation
  • Improving recruitment and selection techniques
  • Excelling in presentation skills
  • Strategic people management for young and new company leaders
  • Fundamentals of organisation development for practitioners
  • Evaluation of performance, practices and procedures
  • Techniques for motivating others at work
  • Conducting professional focus groups in marketing research
  • Critical Skills for Managers
  • Critical Skills at Work
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills

For details on each programme, access our Talent Development Programmes Brochure.

When opting for training development programmes, organisations may benefit from government-issued reimbursements such as the Investing in Skills Framework.

*Access our Internal Quality Assurance Policy here.

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