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Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

A proactive recruitment practice to ensure the right individuals join your business.

A proactive recruitment practice to ensure the right individuals join your business.

With the cost of employee turnover increasing and the ‘war of talent’ intensifying, talent acquisition practices have become a necessity for the survival of any organisation.

Talent acquisition is not a reactive process that simply results in filling a vacancy. It is one pillar of strategic talent management and is essential for:

  • Attracting the right talent
  • Developing and maintaining an external and internal talent pool
  • Accurately selecting candidates that fit the job description and the organisation’s culture

Talent acquisition also ensures business continuity as it ensures that an organisation maintains a strong talent pool that it can tap into in order to fill vacancies in a timely manner when they arise.  

Our Talent Acquisition services may be customised depending on organisations’ needs, budget, and timeframes.

Our services in talent acquisition include:

  • Development of job descriptions
  • Competency modelling and job analysis
  • Establishing an employer brand and an employee value preposition
  • Digital recruiting advice
  • Developing a positive candidate experience
  • Conducting specialised, contingency, and retained searches
  • Candidate profiling
  • Administering selection methods (interviews, psychometric testing, assessment centres)
  • Conducting exit interviews
  • Development of induction processes

We also offer talent acquisition workshops to help organisations manage their own talent acquisition strategy. Talent acquisition workshops may consist of training managers in recruitment and interviewing skills, advising HR and market departments on employer branding and digital recruitment, and more.

We hold an Employment Agency License – (no.: 46–2003) that enables us to assist our clients in their talent acquisition efforts.  For more information on our approach to recruitment and career guidance, you may want to refer to our Career Centre.

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