The Service

Outplacement services may be beneficial for organisations who are in the process of restructuring and/or ceasing business operations, resulting in redundancy and an opportunity for organisations to enhance their corporate social responsibility. 

Outplacement services may be offered in the form of career transition support, development of personal brand and advisory as part of a severance agreement.

The KPMG Approach

Through the use of a relationship-oriented approach which is based in communication and feedback, KPMG Malta People & Change Advisory offer a service which actively engages with the needs of both the organisation and departing employees, with the aim to support and ease the transition for both parties. 

KPMG Malta People & Change Advisory possess a proven track record of experience with providing bespoke outplacement services to organisations from the onset of the Client’s decision to downsize, up to the implementation of an action plan, working closely with the Client towards achieving the desired future state of the organisation. KPMG’s outplacement advisory services may be provided on:

The organisational level, in terms of providing support for structural changes (i.e. planning and management of the downsizing exercise; e.g. communication strategy and the conduction of exit interviews) and looking towards the future state of the organisation through strategic workforce planning and optimisation.

The individual level, in terms of providing support to departing employees in terms of navigating a career transition, managing their personal brand and the possibility of being offered an alternative opportunity of employment through our KPMG network.

Benefits to Departing Employees

Provides employees with professional assistance and support during an unplanned career transition in the form of one-to-one career advisory sessions which may involve:

Benefits of Departing Employees

Improves employees’ appraisal of the organisation, therefore supporting the organisation’s corporate social responsibility and the overall employer brand.