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IT Advisory Services

IT Advisory Services

Information Technology (IT) is often seen as an opportunity and a challenge.

Information Technology (IT) is often seen as an opportunity and a challenge.

While IT has become a prerequisite for growth and success, many organisations are looking to get a firmer grip on IT matters.

Operating within a continuously evolving technological environment, businesses and public sector organisations require sound and trusted business advice to uncover and pursue the performance improvement opportunities information technology presents and appropriately manage the inherent challenges and risks.

At KPMG in Malta, we help our clients to transform the IT function from a cost center to a strategic business partner.  KPMG's IT advisory professionals focus on the strategic business goals and priorities of clients to define and enhance the technological capabilities required to support their long-term objectives and enable key elements of their business strategy. 

We strive to deliver business benefits by helping our clients develop an efficient and high-performing IT function that maximizes the value of its investments, enhances the business' ability to respond to change and manages effectively the available resources for the successfully delivery of programs and services. The end result is a robust IT organization that supports growth through the introduction of new, innovative solutions while continuing to maintain operations in line with cost, risk thresholds and quality expectations.

We aim to improve, automate, and increase the agility of business processes through the effective use of information technology within business functions. We utilise analytics solutions to help organisations translate their data story into actionable insights that drive real business outcomes. We achieve this by analysing existing and new data sources, making connections across data and
applying methodological and industry specific expertise. The result is a clear direction, which gives clients the confidence to make informed decisions today and identify what is needed to shape a better future.

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