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Growing pains

Growing pains

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The 2018 Global CEO Outlook discusses how CEOs are driving growth against a backdrop of geopolitical volatility, significant demographic shifts and the seemingly inevitable issues that come with a digital world. Despite being relatively bullish on the economy at large as well as their overall outlook for their country, their optimistic outlook is tempered by a healthy dose of pragmatism with strategies set in motion to counter these ‘growing pains’.

Being a CEO in this period of such profound disruption and opportunity poses immense personal and professional challenges. CEOs have taken on personal ownership for driving digital transformation and customer data, as well as transitioning the workforce for the digital age.

The study reveals insight from 1,300 CEOs in 11 key markets: Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, UK and US as well as 11 key industry sectors: asset management, automotive, banking, consumer and retail, energy, infrastructure, insurance, life sciences, manufacturing, technology and telecoms.  

In the 12 months since KPMG’s 2016 Global CEO Outlook, the world has become a more complex and unpredictable place. ‘Business as usual’ certainly no longer applies.

On the other hand, CEOs from some industries – notably banking, energy, and consumer and retail – are more upbeat about sector growth than their peers.

Approximately two in three (65 percent) are confident about global economic growth during the next 3 years – down from 80 percent in 2016. This more restrained level of confidence is also reflected in respondents’ views on the outlook for their country and industry over the same period.

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