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Digital Gaming

Digital Gaming

Digital Gaming Services at KPMG in Malta

Digital Gaming Services at KPMG in Malta

A new digital era with untapped potential is evolving. The change has begun.

Major titles now eclipse blockbuster Hollywood films both in terms of production costs and profits. At the same time, new models have emerged, with social games and the freemium models becoming the default model for many publishers.

The industry has also been massively energised by the rapid growth of app. stores and mobiles with a convenient functionality generally providing players with 24/7 service driving new revenue models. Concurrently, in-game purchases and the growth of in-game virtual currencies, have brought new and exciting opportunities for publishers and developers.

A tangible reality that the sector has experienced growth and is further consolidating, are the 2014 financial reports highlighting an industry that could be worth €21 billion. This promising figure includes sales and IPOs and relatively young businesses such as King and Mojang.

In sync with the exponential growth prospective, Malta is well-placed to act as the jurisdiction of choice to address all facets of the digital gaming market. As this prosperous industry continues to pick up at a steady pace, Malta is embracing this new reality by strategically designing and planning to cater for the required workforce. Government’s strategic forward-looking approach is intertwined with the provision of an array of tax incentives and schemes that address the needs of digital gaming companies during initial conceptual stages, R&D and the internationalisation and marketing of the digital gaming product.

What would it take to make Malta your success story?

Nobody knows your business or industry as well as you do. We would like to hear about what you feel your organisation would need to secure your success story on the island. Do feel free to leave comments about your expectations vs experiences thus far, the points you are satisfied with and the ones that you feel require further attention.

It is through the united collaboration of industry stakeholders and a shared appreciation, that an industry can be best placed to flourish.

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