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Strategic IQ Learning Suite

Seminars starting October 2020

Seminars starting October 2020

Shaping  a Sustainable Strategy

Shaping a Sustainable Strategy (Parts 1 & 2)

21 October | 11 November 2020

Every organisation, whether it be big or small needs a strategy which incorporates elements of innovation, customer-centricity, and agility.  Significant opportunity exists for organisations to have bold strategies, which are more than just a mere opening act to a budget.

Part 1 of this session will revolve around understanding the ‘as-is’ using a number of data points/models to chart out current business model.

Part 2 of this session will focus on identifying gaps and ways to align strategic initiatives to the organisational strategic intent.

Selecting Strategies that Create Shareholder Value

Selecting Strategies that Create Shareholder Value

9 December 2020

Participants will embark on a journey into business valuation, where the focus is not on merely arriving at an amount but identifying what drives value and what drags may be keeping it back. Business valuations will thus be used as a tool to help in the search for shareholder value.

The session will thus comprise:

  • A synthesised module on business valuation approaches and principles;
  • Augmented with the sharing of a wealth of practical experiences on value drivers and drags.

The above shall be designed to increase the participant’s awareness on such matters with a view to helping one think through how these could apply to one’s own business.

Strategy in Action

Strategy in Action

20 January 2021

If strategy formulation tackles the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of the activities of the organisation, strategy implementation is all about ‘how’ the activities will be carried out, ‘who’ will perform them, ‘when’ and how often will they be performed, and ‘where’ will the activities be conducted.

This is where the real action takes place in the strategic management process, since this is where the tactics in the strategic plan will be transformed into actions or actual performance. It is the most rigorous and demanding part of the entire strategic management process, and the one that will require the most input of the organisation’s resources. However, if done right, it will ensure the achievement of objectives, and the success of the organisation.

This session will delve into the conceptual ‘marriage’ between planning, people, performance and how strategists and project leaders can get the most out of their strategy.

Innovation to Results

Innovation to Results

24 February 2021

Charting the course of achieving the organisation’s strategic plan and crafting objectives aligned to this, allows organisations to crack the code for effective execution of strategy. Organisations measuring strategy metrics linked to performance differentiators, respond in a measured manner to variances in performance and swiftly realign with the trajectory requirements of new pockets of opportunities. Close monitoring and calibration of targets helps improve strategy execution effectiveness.

The 5 key areas which will be covered in this session are;

  1. Charting the strategic objectives
  2. Translating the strategic objectives into organisational KPIs
  3. Translating the strategic objectives into functional KPIs
  4. Cascading the objectives in individual and team goals
  5. Calibrating objectives to strategic intent


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