KPMG eSummit - breakout sessions - KPMG Malta
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KPMG eSummit - Breakout Sessions

KPMG eSummit - breakout sessions

24 November 2017, 9:00AM - 5:30PM, CET

Alongside the main room, new to this year’s agenda are breakout sessions, which give delegates the chance to engage with the experts and partake in open forum discussions. Headlining the sessions will be:

Opportunities in today's dynamic environment;

The General Data Protection Regulation;

#We all Want to Play;

4th AML Directive: Challenges & Opportunities;

Bits, bytes and withholding taxes - Why ecommerce should keep an eye on the OECD and EU’s proposals;

The Economics of Consumer Behaviour and the Gambling Sector;

Jurisdictional Roundtables: Czech Republic & Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland & Liechtenstein’.



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Times Session
09.20 - 09.30

Welcoming Words

Alice Hero, KPMG in Malta

09.30 - 10.30

Opportunities in today's dynamic environment

Opportunities in today’s dynamic environment’ There is a shift in the industry to cloud computing which essentially is about using files and applications over the internet rather than on premise. Cloud computing is the trend and Gartner says that by 2020, cloud shift will affect more $1 Trillion in IT spending. Companies are widely expected to move on from on premise solutions to embrace the power of the cloud. In fact, McKinsey predicts enterprises’ adoption of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) as the primary environment for workloads will jump from 10% in 2015 to 51% in 2018. Moreover, 77% of enterprises used traditionally built IT infrastructure as the primary environment for at least one work load. In 2018 this figure will drop to 43%.Therefore, cloud adoption will affect enterprises from a wide variety of industries and Microsoft together with KPMG Crimsonwing are among the front-runners in this space.

Stephen Abela, KPMG Crimsonwing

Dimitris Mitsas, Microsoft

Justin Psaila, Gaming Innovation Group

10.30 - 11.30

The General Data Protection Regulation

Technological change and globalisation have transformed the scale and the way personal data is collected, stored, accessed, transferred, used and purged, presenting new challenges requiring rules to be aligned with these developments. The EU has responded to this reality with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which becomes effective in May 2018. GDPR is set to significantly change the Privacy landscape in Europe and beyond.What does this mean in practice to operators in the Gaming industry? How do we deal with data minimisation, data portability, right to erasure, requests to access, processing by 3rd parties, privacy by design, and breach notification? How do we deal with unstructured data in email systems and productivity tools?Do we perceive GDPR as another burdensome compliance matter or is it to be taken as a vehicle to Get Data Privacy Right?

Eric Muscat, KPMG

Adrian Mizzi, KPMG

Curt Gauci, Kinetix

Dr. Ian Gauci, GTG Advocates

Justin Cosnett, Continent 8

11.30 - 12.30


#WeAllWantToPlay is KPMG’s Diversity Initiative for the Gambling & Betting Sector, which showcases KPMG’s commitment to social change within the industry. This session will explore the opportunities and challenges facing women in the Gambling and Betting Sectors and marks the start of a new gender diversity initiative out in Malta, that aims to create an enabling ecosystem for female talent in the Gaming Industry. It’s key mission? Taking the issue beyond a specialist diversity effort and into mainstream talent management and corporate strategy.

It’s a well-known fact that women are typically under-represented on Boards in all industry, but why is it particularly so in Gaming, one of the most creative and innovative industries out there? KPMG have carried out studies on the topic which evidence the fact that our clients in all sectors will achieve greater commercial success, combined with lower risk and greater engagement levels, by diversifying their Boards, their talent and their customer bases.

The session will explore questions such as: What are the most successful tactics to support gender diversity? What ate the most difficult challenges in driving the gender agenda? What are the fundamental conditions for creating diversity?

Gender Diversity: It’s a no-brainer – it generates better ideas, better decision making and better business outcomes. Why wouldn’t you?

Alice Hero, KPMG

Micky Swindale, KPMG

Dr. Simona Camilleri, Cubits

Louise Wendel, Catena Media

Carla Maree Vella, Optimzer Invest

Abby Cosgrave, Betsson AB & General Counsel, Betsson Operational Group

13.30 - 14.30

4th AML Directive: Challenges & Opportunities

This session is aimed at discussing the key practical matters around the implementation of the 4AMLD
to remote gaming licensees. We will go through the main impact of the Directive on licensees as well as how data and technology may be leveraged for building and enhancing AML/CFT governance. The session will then conclude with a panel discussion around various themes and topics arising from the presentations or which may be raised by the attendees.

Elaine McCormack – KPMG, Isle of Man: 4AMLD - How will it affect you?

Malcolm Wright - Thompson Reuters: AML/CFT Governance: Using Data and Technology to protect your business from financial crime

Panel Discussion: Fireside chat amongst all panelists

Alex Azzopardi, KPMG

Elaine McCormack, KPMG

Malcolm Wright, Thompson Reuters

Kevin Plumpton, Diligex

14.30 - 15.30

Bits, bytes and withholding taxes - Why ecommerce should keep an eye on the OECD and EU’s proposals 

The theme of this panel will be the impact of the OECD work on, EU proposal on, and individual countries’ initiatives on the taxation of digital services, iGaming being a significant sector in Malta. The
idea is to highlight the radical change where a business or enterprise resident, substance and all, in one country would find itself taxed at source in others under the proposed rules merely by virtue of a newly redefined threshold granting the right to tax to the source country.  

Dr. Juanita Brockdorff, KPMG

Joseph Cuschieri, MGA

Dr Peter Hongler, University of Zurich

Dr Gergely Czoboly, Ministry for National Economy / University of Budapest 

15.30 - 16.30

The Economics of Consumer Behaviour and the Gambling Sector

This session will cover two main topics. First, we will cover how the economic theory of consumer behaviour can be applied to, and explains, consumer demand for gambling products. Second, we will discuss how economic analysis is used to quantify that demand, and how to apply it commercially.

Adam Rivers, KPMG

Seamus McGowan, KPMG

16.30 - 17.30

Jurisdictional Roundtables: Czech Republic & Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland & Liechtenstein

These markets feature substantial business opportunities for gaming companies and all service providers associated to the gaming business. Learn from leading experts about the most recent regulatory developments and how you can most successfully offer your services to these markets. The roundtable setting will allow you to ask your questions, get in-depth insights and arrange for follow up meetings.

Dr. Robert Skalina, WH Partners

Jochen Biewer, Chevron Consultants

Dr. Simon Planzer, Planzer and Planzer


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