Our Clients and Work

Our Clients and Work

Discover the kind of work our tax professionals do every day.

Discover the kind of work our tax professionals do every day.

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The Case - Global Mobility Services

The Client - Individual Entrepeneur

What were the highlights of this assignment?

Doreen Fenech – Partner

The client was a young dynamic entrepreneur who took up residence in Malta and kept actively involved in a number of ventures in Malta. In addition to supporting him in his personal capacity with his personal tax and immigration issues, we were also engaged to assist the client with the temporary relocation to Malta of a significant number of highly trained, highly skilled employees to support the opening of a venture in Malta.

Simon Xuereb – Director

The nature of the engagement required us to advise and assist the client’s internal team with the numerous requirements related to the venture including applications for travel VISAs, employment license applications, income tax registration and temporary residence cards against a tight deadline to support the business objectives and ensure that the business could launch on the publicised date.

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