Our People: Zoe Lewis - KPMG Malta
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Our People: Zoe Lewis

Our People: Zoe Lewis

Meet Zoe - A Tax Advisor from Britain.

Meet Zoe - a Tax Advisor from Britain.

Zoe Lewis

Tax Advisor

Tax Advisor from Britain.

What has your experience with the firm here in Malta been like so far?

Very positive as everyone has been extremely friendly, and I have made sure to be a ‘yes’ person and go to as many of the social activities as possible – of which there have so far been many, and definitely more than at my previous firm.

How do you find life in Malta?

Malta feels more relaxed than the UK, and I am happy with my decision to move – I think it may be due to the amount of sunshine! The social aspects of working/living in Malta, and the ease of moving around the island, means it is easy to say yes and go out for adrink/dinner etc. I have made a good group of friends, with other ‘foreigners’ working here, who gave me a number of tips when I first came out here and it is nice to compare notes with others who have already experienced the move to Malta and all that it involves.Though saying that, I don’t feel like an ‘outsider’, in the office or the country itself, with my experience being that the locals are also very friendly.

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