Our People: Julian Sciberras

Julian Sciberras - IT Advisor, Digital Solutions

When I look back at my first KPMG interview, I distinctly remember two things. First, how nervous I was taking an interview with my bedroom serving as a backdrop. And secondly, how right the discussion with the interviewers (now fellow team members) felt in understanding what a future at KPMG might look like for me. Today, I am grateful that although I haven’t been with the firm for a long time, I have already been able to experience a diversity of interesting projects, alongside my peers. It’s been a fulfilling career journey and I’m excited for what lies ahead.

My time at KPMG can be described as one with many positives in relation to my skills and learning. Coupled with this, KPMG has given me a unique platform to experience both local and European level projects, therein providing intangible perspectives that I am able to leverage towards my next project. I have also been motivated to take chances of opportunity, and to take risk in a meaningful way. Additionally, I have had numerous opportunities put in front me to take on bigger challenges and greater responsibility that have been invaluable for my growth.

To conclude, whilst at KPMG, there has been an excellent commitment to ensure that every team member has their voice heard. Furthermore, the team has always shown unwavering support at times of setbacks, be it work or personal related, a testament to the culture that KPMG strives to sustain.