Our People: Jenico De Guzman | KPMG | Malta
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Our People: Jenico De Guzman

Our People: Jenico De Guzman

Meet Jenico - An Assistant Manager in Audit from the Philippines.

Meet Jenico - An Assistant Manager in Audit from the Philippines.

Jenico De Guzman

Assistant Manager, Audit

Assistant Manager in KPMG in Malta Audit Team from the Philippines.

Why KPMG in Malta?

The choice for Malta is based on the island country’s rich cultural and historical background. An excellent climate with English-speaking locals, it offers a nice settling environment for all the foreign individuals seeking work abroad. KPMG in Malta offers an ideal work-life balance all the while making sure that one is improving in his profession through mentoring of experienced colleagues and exposure to various industries all over the world.

What has your experience with the firm here in Malta been like so far?

So far, I am very happy with my stay here in KPMG in Malta. In just a short period of time, I’ve learned a lot of new things at work, made new friends and experienced a lot of interesting areas that certainly improved my professional career.

How do you find life in Malta?

Adjusting in a new country can be a little challenging for some. Honestly speaking, as foreigners in this country we need to adjust to the culture, practices and habit of the locals. There are indeed a lot of differencesas compared to where I came from (i.e., driving side ,climate, transportation, opening hours of stores), but in a few months I think I was able to adjust (hopefully!) with the way things are done here. Although at first it will be a challenge, overall life in Malta is promising. Locals here are generally kind and helpful to everyone and adjusting is not a real problem since everyone speaks English.

Did you find the support you needed to settle in?

Yes, everyone was helpful enough since I started working here up until now. Even Giles (one of the partners) personally helped me in finding a place to stay here in Malta. Everybody provided their own advice in one way or another. I personally really approve of the firm’s buddy system,where one professional staff will be assigned as the new joiner’s buddy. My buddy was Andreas Galea from audit and he even gave us a tour during our first weekend here. Over and above that, the buddy system proved to be helpful in providing the initial support I needed when I started working here.

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