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Data, people and profits

Strategic implications of evidence-based HR adoption...

A report that examines the broader strategic implications of gaps in evidence-based HR adoption in banking.

Strategic implications of evidence-based HR adoption in banks.

Banking executives will often tell you that their people are their greatest asset. Most banks now recognize as well that data and analytics can lead to improved business decision-making. Yet too few banks seem to have connected the two; applying evidence-based approaches to the HR function in order to drive improved organizational performance. In this sector specific report on the evidenced-based HR practices in banking, KPMG examines the broader strategic implications of gaps in adoption and how closing this gap is strategically important for banks in a race for talent that is truly cross-industry and global.



“I believe the whole point of evidence-based HR is to drive greater value through the better use of the most important asset an organization has: its people. This shift to this approach is powerful. If you ignore it, you are losing out on opportunities to drive greater customer satisfaction, to drive revenue, to drive higher employee engagement and commitment.”

Tim Payne, Head of People & Change, MC Partners, KPMG in the UK

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