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The power of alliances partnering for growth in the insurance sector

The power of alliances in insurance

The future will be won on the basis of the alliances, partnerships and joint ventures formed by insurance companies today.

Insurers look to alliances, partnerships and joint ventures for competitive edge.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the future will be won on the basis of the alliances, partnerships and joint ventures formed by insurance companies today.” Sam Evans, Global Insurance Deal Advisory Lead Partner

Increased competitive pressure, new regulations, evolving customer demands and new technologies are creating unprecedented change in the insurance sector. At the same time, insurers are increasingly starting to realize that their current organizational structure and culture may not be conducive to achieving the type of real, sustainable and value-creating change and innovation needed to compete over the long term. New models, new ideas and new partners must be found. 

While there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to partnering for growth, in our new report, The Power of Alliances we explore three areas where insurers have been particularly active: bancassurance, Financial Technology (FinTech) and digital or non-traditional distribution channels. In each of these three areas we offer practical insights and lessons to help insurers create more sustainable and value-driven partnerships and alliances.

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An appetite for alliances

Insurers seek to drive new growth, create new channels and crack new innovation.

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Spotlight: Insurers leverage Africa’s telecom networks

Insurers leverage Africa’s telecoms networks.

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Bancassurance creates new relationships

Bancassurance has long been a fruitful area for partnerships.

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Lessons in fast-paced partnerships

FinTech has emerged as one of the most active deal arenas for insurers globally.

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Partnering for digital value

Tech-savvy partners spur digital value that otherwise might have taken years.

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A vision for growth includes partnerships for insurers

Partnerships and alliances help support a profitable growth strategy.

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Public-private partnerships: Insurance

Public-private partnerships with non-traditional players and organizations are helping...