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KPMG Multi Family Office

About KPMG Multi Family Office Monaco

About KPMG Multi Family Office Monaco

KPMG as your Multi Family Office

With KPMG as your multi family office, you'll have access to the impartial professionals, proprietary wealth and risk mitigation strategies and technologies, estate-planning insights, and leading-edge customized reporting that will help ensure your family prospers both today and for generations ahead.

What's more, you can take the reins however and wherever you see fit or leave the work to us. Whether you need help establishing a family office for you to run or want KPMG to act as your full-service family office, or any variation in between, we will help determine and build a model that works best for your family.

Why choose KPMG as your multi family office ?

Ask for a 360 Family Diagnosis to determine your needs

You’ve worked hard to build your business and create a legacy for your family. Our team of independent professionals can help you define and build what comes next. Working with you and your family, we will help build and execute a plan that is catered to your family's goals and objectives.

For decades, KPMG has provided support and counsel to many of the country's most prosperous entrepreneurs and families. We take pride in the trust we've built and the legacies we have helped define.

Contact one of our Family Office professionals for more on how we can help support your family.

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