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KPMG Monaco : Annonce importante (COVID19)

KPMG Monaco : Annonce importante (Confinement/COVID19)

KPMG Monaco : Important Announcement (Lockdown/COVID19)

COVID19 Measures

KPMG Monaco : continuity of services.

Temporary closure of physical office access; continuity of services by email and phone.

KPMG Monaco : important announcement (COVID 19)

Temporary closure of physical offices and terms of service continuity.

Dear clients,

Dear partners,

In this context of health and economic crises that we all undergo, KPMG Monaco strives to organize teams to protect each employee and their loved ones, while ensuring our service and availability.

We have of course closed the physical access to our premises but you can still reach us by email or phone.

We make every effort to collect all practical information to implement within your organizations and will of course prioritize documents production allowing to collect, help, deadlines, respect of your commitments, etc.

The follow-up of current affairs thus remains assured, by email and by phone, and we thank you in advance for your understanding in case of delays.

Wishing you courage and patience in facing this fight that engages us all.

Best regards

The management.