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Private Equity

Private Equity

KPMG Monaco supports investment funds in their projects.

KPMG Monaco supports investment funds in their projects.

Invest safely with KPMG

The creation of value over a given time horizon is a common feature for funds, whether they are specialized in venture capital, development capital, LBOs, or they fall into the category of hedge funds.

Private equity is constantly evolving in response to the growing needs of the sector, a challenge that is all the more difficult because of the conservative approach taken by investors following the various financial crises that have shaken the markets in recent years.

Gradually regaining the cautious optimism needed for growth, the private equity sector continues to rebuild, while requiring faster returns on investment, lower costs and greater transparency.

In this context, KPMG Monaco is committed to greater clarity, accompanying different types of investment funds through a range of services adapted to their specific needs, audit or consulting.

KPMG is the first consulting and audit firm to present a dedicated multi-disciplinary private equity group. Our teams, benefiting from the experience and know-how of the KPMG network, are ideally positioned to respond to the challenges of the most volatile markets, exploit growth opportunities, develop markets and add value for your investors.

Awards received by KPMG

  • Health Investor Awards 2012 - Transactional Consultants of the Year
  • DealMakers Global Awards 2012 - The Private Equity Advisory firm of the year
  • European M & A Awards 2011 - Accountancy firm of the year
  • Awards for Excellence in Private Equity Advisory Services 2010 - Commercial and market due diligence team of the year

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