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Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Data & Analitics services

Data & Analytics Services

Data & Analytics, at its core, is a new way of solving problems with insights and innovation. Data sources are exploding, solutions are becoming more and more affordable, and businesses need to turn data into insights and value in order to gain a competitive advantage. KPMG has taken a number of steps to develop a large number of industry specific innovative solutions that help clients unlock the value of their data.

Our Data & Analytics strategy focuses on building an exceptional understanding your business and the overall data landscape to get to the heart of your problems so that our member firm professionals can help solve your most pressing growth, risk and cost concerns.

  • Management reporting, dashboards & KPIs:                                
    • Recommendations for industry specific KPIs definition, process optimization and management reporting framework improvements
    • Development of automated tools, including management dashboard design and development in QlikView, QlikSense, Power BI, Excel, and other
  • Support in choosing the optimal Business Intelligence platform
  • Automation of data extraction, transformation, loading (ETL), cleansing and enrichment activities for analysis or reporting purposes
  • Analytical model development, for example, pricing models, cost allocation models
  • Predictive analytics, machine learning, cognitive computing and natural language processing solutions                                    

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