Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Transformation Strategy

High-performing organizations are getting digitally connected by making significant investments across 8 Connected Enterprise capabilities

High-performing organizations are getting digitally connected

Why you need a digital transformation strategy?

High-performing organizations are getting digitally connected by making significant investments across 8 Connected Enterprise capabilities:

  1. Insight-driven strategies and actions
  2. Innovative products and services
  3. Experience-centricity by design
  4. Responsive operations and supply chain
  5. Integrated partner and alliance ecosystem
  6. Digitally-enabled technology architecture
  7. Aligned and empowered workforce
  8. Seamless interactions and commerce


How can we help you?

Entrusting us your digital transformation creation, you will get clarity and clear guidelines on how to:

  • Harness data, advanced analytics and actionable insights with a real-time understanding of the customer and the business to shape integrated business decisions
  • Develop compelling customer value propositions on price, products and services to engage the most attractive customers and drive profitable growth
  • Design seamless, intentional experiences for customers, employees and partners, supporting the customer value propositions and delivering business objectives
  • Interact and transact with customers and prospects across marketing, sales and service and achieve measurable results
  • Operate the business with efficiency and agility to fulfil the customer promise in a consistent and profitable way
  • Engage, integrate and manage third parties to increase speed to market, reduce costs, mitigate risk and close capability gaps to deliver the customer promise
  • Create intelligent and agile services, technologies and platforms, enabling the customer agenda with solutions that are secure, scalable and cost-effective
  • Build a customer-centric organization and culture that inspires people to deliver on the customer promise and drive up business performance



Digital Transformation Strategy Evaluation


Why you need to evaluate your digital transformation strategy?

While you may already have your digital transformation strategy, it is worth having it reviewed by external organisation who has the experience, sector knowledge and set of methods and tools that could help to set your strategy for success and achieve wour business goals

How can we help you?

KPMG has a set of methods that supports creation and evaluation of digital transformation strategy. These accelerators allow to:

  • Rapidly asses gaps in strategy and functional processes
  • Identify required roles and responsibilities to drive the future state operating model
  • Quickly define leading practices, KPI best practices and reporting dashboards
  • Recommend commercial governance models that will assist in optimizing the future vision
  • Introduce technology related options that support the seamless customer experience that client envisions



Digital Maturity Diagnostics Assessment


Why you need to evaluate your digital maturity?

The KPMG Maturity Diagnostic assesses the current and target state maturity of your capabilities and their strategic importance to your technology transformation objectives.

How can we help you?

With KPMG Maturity Diagnostic assessment, you will get clarity on:

  • your current digital maturity state
  • how you compare across the industry
  • how to identify and prioritize digital transformation opportunities
  • what are the next steps you should take on your technology transformation journey

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