IT Consultation

IT Consultation

KPMG will help you align IT opportunities with strategic and operational objectives

KPMG will help you align IT opportunities with strategic and operational objectives

Well implemented and managed IT technologies can contribute significantly to operational improvements of any organisation. KPMG IT advisers will help your company align IT opportunities with strategic and operational objectives. Our advice is objective and based purely on the needs of your organisation. We understand the effect technologies have on businesses, and our work relies extensively on national and global resources available to KPMG and is designed to help you take full advantage of your company’s IT opportunities.

Our team of IT advisors will assist you with the following:

  • Selection of an IT strategy
  • Revision of IT costs
  • Advice on IT projects, IT project management
  • Advice on IT outsourcing
  • Analysis of processes and IT systems
  • Defining IT system requirements, evaluation of the most appropriate solution
  • Quality control in IT system implementation
  • Determining software requirements based on your business needs, including development of technical specifications.


Technology Enablement


In our Technology Enablement team, we profoundly believe in empowering businesses through technology.

We help organisations derive greater value from technology. We do this by providing the insights and capabilities needed to balance technology-enabled business models. We act as the business transformation partner in a digital world.

Digitalisation is now mainstream; it is in every business and across every sector. By 2025, technology will be responsible for over 80% of new revenue growth. Technology is expected to improve business performance by accelerating time to market, opening new markets and facilitating mergers and acquisitions – all while keeping a sharp eye on costs and quality.

Our business-driven professionals recognise these challenges. By implementing cutting-edge Enterprise Solutions and Advisory Services in both front and back offices, we help rationalise, simplify and automate business processes through Enterprise Resource Planning, Digital HR, Customer Relationship Management and Business Intelligence & Analytics from leading providers like Microsoft and SAP.

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