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Sustainability Strategy and Programme Development

Sustainability Strategy and Programme Development

We consider risks and opportunities that flow from business strategies.

We consider risks and opportunities that flow from business strategies.

Organisations are striving to move beyond an operating model that purely focuses on maximising shareholder value and simultaneously focus on making a positive contribution to society.

As climate change, resource scarcity, environmental degradation, social inequality, safety issues and other risks become more apparent, the financial implications of these non-financial issues are receiving increasing attention from stakeholders. Companies must respond to these expectations while creating shared value in the short, medium and long term. At the same time, new developments in biotechnology, digitalisation, 3D and artificial intelligence and other areas pose potential for growth as well as new threats to be considered by policy makers and businesses.

We help organisations understand and identify the material issues that have the most impact on your business, serving as a foundation to create a business-driven, risk acknowledging and opportunity embracing sustainability strategy.

We provide insights on changing market and stakeholder expectations, help take account of emerging performance and reporting protocols, and consider risks and opportunities that flow from business strategies.

We can help with:

  • Strategy development including: True Value mapping, goal and target setting, governance frameworks, stakeholder engagement and benchmarking against best practice.
  • Risk assessments including: materiality assessments, risk interconnectedness mapping and issues clustering, stakeholder mapping and engagement and supply chain assessments.
  • Identification, prioritisation and development of solutions for issues such as climate change risk, community resilience, ESG screening, natural capital, megaforces, megatrends, environmental impacts and social issues.
  • Developing community investment programs, including monitoring and evaluation frameworks to generate shared value.
  • Supply chain management of ethical sourcing and labour practice risks

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