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We believe that it is very important to share our knowledge and experience in order to make sure that the future is in good hands. KPMG Latvia specialists not only organize and are speakers in various conferences and educational seminars for business organizations and our clients, but also give lectures to university students to ensure that in the future there will be outstanding specialists as well.

Mission Possible project “Dzīvei gatavs”


In October 2020, the month of cyber security, we started participating in the school program "Dzīvei Gatavs" to share the experience and knowledge of our specialists with students. The “Dzīvei gatavs” program is a support for teachers and an aid to students in learning a variety of subjects in order to gain an understanding of the application of school-based knowledge and skills. Kaspars Iesalnieks, Head of IT Consulting Services, gave lectures on smart devices and cybersecurity in everyday life. Students had the opportunity to judge different life situations, as well as to step into the shoes of a professional, developing proposals to increase security. In the future, it is planned to continue this cooperation and offer Latvian students lectures on various other topics.

Dzīvei Gatavs

The Vītols Fund


Vītolu fonds

KPMG in Latvia also supports The Vītols Fund, which aims to use scholarships to help hard-working, talented young people with insufficient funds to study at the universities of Latvia. In 2006, KPMG established a scholarship in Latvia, which annually provides an opportunity for a talented and purposeful young residents of Latvia to obtain a quality higher education.