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Indirect Tax Services

Indirect Tax Services

Our experts can help you manage the Luxembourg indirect tax aspects of your business in a steadily evolving European context.

Our experts can help you manage the Luxembourg indirect tax aspects of your business.

Adapting to a constantly evolving environment

In Luxembourg, like in many countries, VAT and indirect taxes in general are a major and growing source of governmental revenue. These taxes, which can include VAT, customs, and excise duties, affect businesses greatly. Legislation and case law, for example, have become more complex, making it harder for businesses to comply with their indirect tax obligations, both in Luxembourg and abroad. Furthermore, an increasing number of companies face the challenges of an environment disrupted by the digital revolution. Ultimately, poor indirect tax management can affect cash flow, allow the over- or under-payment of tax, and trigger penalties for non-compliance.

Business processes are also becoming more automated, with technology playing a much greater role in the management of VAT. Getting these processes right is an important step, but finding the technologies to best fit your business requirements can be a challenge.

At KPMG, we have the tools, indirect tax knowledge, and team of experienced professionals to help your company meet its VAT compliance and administrative obligations and to provide advice adapted to your situation.

KPMG can help with:

  • reviewing an organisation's establishments, activities, and supply chain to identify VAT registration requirements
  • handling compliance requirements
  • obtaining refunds of VAT paid abroad
  • assisting with audits by tax authorities 
  • reviewing and implementing VAT internal controls and management processes to provide your company’s management with the necessary assurance that your VAT matters are properly managed (VAT health-checks)
  • advising on the indirect tax consequences of entering new markets, offering new services and products, and undertaking corporate transactions such as global restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, and capital reconstructions
  • assisting in the design and operation of VAT recovery methodologies

Our team works closely with KPMG Global Indirect Tax professionals from KPMG’s member firms across the globe. We are able to mobilise international teams quickly and to provide you with responsive and consistent service anywhere around the world.

For more information on how we can help your business or indirect tax situation, or to set up a meeting, contact us today.

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