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Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

The scope of what market intelligence encompasses will vary from company to company, covering strategy, marketing, technology or other areas.

The scope of what market intelligence encompasses will vary from company to company...

KPMG Luxembourg defines market intelligence as the process of gathering, organising, managing, digesting, and finally delivering information with the aim of supporting a decision. A market intelligence department or officer is active in the space between knowledge management and the ultimate decision-maker.

The scope of what market intelligence encompasses will vary from company to company, for example covering strategy, marketing, technology or other areas. We take a broad view of this scope, believing that companies’ needs and cultures vary widely, and therefore different organisations may benefit from different approaches to market intelligence. This large scope allows for wider synergies than are often expected, for example on the operational side.

The last decade has seen an exciting development in market intelligence tools, which are, by nature, categorised as Big Data tools. However, these shouldn’t be confused with business intelligence tools or digital marketing software:

  • Market intelligence differs from business intelligence in that it tackles qualitative information (text/news) rather than quantitative data.
  • Market intelligence differs from social listening in that it targets topics rather than brands and communications.


Market intelligence covers one, some, or all of these topics (non-exhaustive list):

  • regulatory changes
  • news
  • companies/competitors
  • technology trends

Depending on which topics it encompasses, market intelligence is also sometimes called competitive intelligence or marketing intelligence. Generally speaking, these functions are alike in technique, but pursue different goals.


KPMG Luxembourg offers the following services in market intelligence:

  1. Outsourcing: KPMG Luxembourg’s dedicated team can take over all or part of your market intelligence activities. We have developed dedicated systems and methodologies with the aim of completing tasks specialised to you and your needs. We offer four major types of deliverables: 
    • newsletters
    • alerts
    • dashboard
    • tailored reports
  2. Implementation: KPMG Luxembourg also offers implementation assistance for the set-up or improvement of a market intelligence activity. Our goals are to help you reduce the time spent on information monitoring, improve your analysis, and increase your overall information intake. We can also assist in defining the organisation and the processes, or with software selection.

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