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Digital Labour

Digital Labour

Be ready for the next wave of business transformation.

Be ready for the next wave of business transformation.

You can’t physically see them but robots are everywhere. They drive your internet searches and retail recommendations. They manage your office temperature controls and environment. They remind you of friends’ birthdays and provide you with navigation advice. Robots sit in our phones, in our infrastructures and in our homes.

The first revolution brought us mechanisation through steam power; the second, mass production driven by electricity. The third made automation mainstream, and the fourth promises smarter robotics, driverless cars, big data, the Internet of Things, nanotechnology and countless other digital advances.

This fourth wave is anticipated to make as big an impact as its predecessors. In fact, we foresee new technology creating huge disruption across the marketplace and revolutionising employment. By 2020, one third of the skills considered important in today’s workforce will have changed. This will have a transformative effect on global businesses and, as KPMG, we aim to prepare our clients and colleagues sooner rather than later.

Digital labour can be broken down into three different classes of automation, each addressing a different target opportunity and leveraging tools with different capabilities. The first class is robotic process automation (RPA), which addresses rudimentary swivel-chair processes automation. Increasing the level of bot intelligence progressively, we next have machine learning (class 2) and then cognitive automation (class 3).

There is significant competitive advantage to be gained through the adoption of RPA and cognitive robotics. Advantages will go to those who start experimenting and implementing programmes early. KPMG Luxembourg, with a strong track record in digital labour and over 50 skilled people in operational excellence, is the clear choice of partner to enhance your transformation journey while preparing you for the challenges on today’s digital landscape.

Keep in touch with us and let’s start with a POC (proof of concept) to unleash the potential of robotic automation.

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