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Value for Funds

Value for Funds

Computation, compliance, reporting, and data analytics services—accessible via one easy portal.

Computation, compliance, reporting, and data analytics services...

Value for Funds is a technology-powered outsourcing service. Via one portal, it offers access to a wide range of computation, compliance, reporting, and data analytics services.

Your challenges, addressed:

  • Data quality: how do you manage data quality across multiple functions and locations? We control the quality of your data and allocate exceptions to the right functions or locations.
  • Compliance: how do you manage compliance risk? We monitor regulatory and tax requirements across multiple jurisdictions and update our platform accordingly.
  • Focus on core business: how do you pilot non-core activities? When we take over your data management and report production, you can concentrate on your core business.
  • Time to market: how do you manage to respond to clients’ requests in a timely manner? Our agile technology promotes a flexible solution to customize and tailor reports quickly and efficiently.


A growing number of services

We offer a growing number of computation, compliance, reporting and data analytics services.

NAV control and monitoring
KPMG has developed iNAV, a powerful data and analytics tool, to carry out oversight on your NAV computation.

Distribution services
Fund Distribution Services supports clients in the cross-border distribution of UCITS and AIF funds on a global level in more than 70 jurisdictions. The team also reviews marketing materials to ensure their compliance with local jurisdiction.

Risk services
Risk services provides tailor-made service for asset managers’ day-to-day risk management processes and monitoring such as VaR, daily exposure, leverage computation, stress scenarios, liquidity risk, and others.

Reporting services
KPMG provides a complete service range answering reporting requirements for AIFMD, MMF, UCITS KIID / PRIIP KID, and institutional investors (SII, CRR), as well as financial statement generation for investment funds. All reports are generated automatically by an in-house engine that also performs controls and reconciliation to ensure the highest level of quality.

Tax services
Our state-of-the art, automated tax engine makes investor tax reporting easy. With just the touch of a button, we are able to generate tax reports across a wide number of regimes including but not limited to Austria, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, and India. We are able to provide annual as well as daily tax figures depending on your needs. Our plug-and-play service uses the latest technology and is able to adapt to your service provider’s data by transforming raw data into ready-to-submit tax reports.

Know your delegates (KYD)
KYD services help management companies (ManCos) and alternative fund managers (AIFM) to perform due diligence on their delegates such as fund distributors, portfolio managers, central administrators, and transfer agents. Our service uses an online tool to help ManCos with demanding due diligence needs.(AIFM) to perform due diligence on their delegate.

Corporate and accounting services
We provide corporate secretarial services to enable organizations to comply with legal and administrative obligations in Luxembourg.

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