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Ernster, Spuerkeess and Bierger-Center are the cream of the crop of Luxembourg’s customer experience, according to KPMG research

Cream of the crop of Luxembourg’s customer experience


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Released today, KPMG International’s ‘Customer first. Customer obsessed’ survey unveils the brands leading Luxembourg’s customer experience, spotlighting best practices across multiple sectors. The largest survey of its kind, the Customer Experience Excellence Center analysis, supported by customer specialists KPMG Nunwood, uncovers which brands dominate each field and delivers a snapshot of the Luxembourg customer experience landscape.

KPMG surveyed over 1,000 customers for its Luxembourg report, covering 76 brands across 10 sectors. Ernster claimed the overall customer experience crown, while Spuerkeess and Bierger-Center followed hot on its heels in second and third place respectively.

2019’s top 10 Luxembourg customer experience brands

  1. Ernster
  2. Spuerkeess
  3. Bierger-Center
  4. LALUX
  6. Foyer
  7. PayPal
  8. Naturata
  9. Luxair Tours
  10. Amazon

The majority of brands anticipating and meeting Luxembourg customers’ needs and expectations are in the financial and public sectors.

Luxembourg brands continued to build on last year’s performance, boosting the total Customer Experience Excellence score in 2019. The dual pillars of Personalization and Integrity were the biggest drivers of customer loyalty and advocacy.

Strikingly, two public sector organizations topped this year’s rankings, showing that citizens consider public administrations as brands they can directly engage with.

Patrick Wies, KPMG’s head of Corporate, Industry and Public Sector, commented on this trend:

“It is excellent to see public institutions excel in improving the lives of citizens. The online story is particularly striking given the work and efforts of the Government and Communes: the results of the report show that the fruits of coordinated action are providing their first harvest. Public institutions are committed to wielding digitalization as a tool for positive transformation — keeping it smart and human., the Government website connecting Luxembourg’s public agencies with citizens and businesses, is making administrative processes faster and more transparent, offering closer access to government services and information. This could be the first of many feathers in the Government’s cap to continuing investments.”

Beyond Luxembourg

Compared to international best practices and customer experience performance in the 19 other countries surveyed — including the US, UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy — Luxembourg brands consistently deliver good customer service. The Global study also reveals that brands focused on purpose and personalization continue to reap the rewards of customer loyalty.

While Personalization drives 18 of the 20 markets surveyed, KPMG’s global research also found that Integrity inspires customer advocacy in 14 out of 20 markets. This comes as no surprise — skepticism remains high around customer data following a series of largescale breaches in recent years, with consumers increasingly concerned about how organizations store and use their data.

Companies with a strong sense of purpose — about the environment, society or the needs of a particular group of customers — scored highly in Integrity and enjoyed improved customer loyalty as a result. Consumers tend to view these companies as authentic brands with a distinct mission, therefore meaningful to customers’ lives.

Jean-Pascal Nepper, KPMG Partner and leader on Customer Experience Excellence at KPMG, said:

“Luxembourg is a melting pot of nationalities and this diversity delivers a gamut of sensibilities and cultural expectations. So, only the brands that find ways to truly ‘connect’ with individual consumers can stay ahead of the curve. Individuals are starting to demand more from the brands they interact with — and those delivering high customer experiences set a precedent, raising the bar for other brands.”

Nepper explains how brands can meet and exceed customer expectations:

“Successful brands empower their employees with the right tools to engage with customers. Their holistic company cultures deliver top-notch customer experience through seamless marketing, sales and service operations. The brands leaving their competitors in the dust truly grasp the financial implications of the customer experience and its importance to a brand's success and survival.”

To read the full KPMG Global Customer Experience Excellence report: ‘Customer first. Customer obsessed’ please visit this page.

The Luxembourg report “A rising tide - How expectations are lifting Luxembourg's brands” is available here (PDF | 2.5Mb).

About the global research

Conducted with online surveys and completed in early 2019, the research gathered the views of almost 84,066 consumers in 20 different countries, regions and jurisdictions. In total, 2,075 brands were reviewed, resulting in 752,096 individual brand evaluations. The research was conducted on behalf of KPMG International by KPMG Nunwood’s Customer Experience Excellence Center.

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