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Ernster, LuxairTours and LALUX take customer experience crown in Luxembourg, according to KPMG research

Top 20 Luxembourg Customer Experience Brands

Luxembourg’s leading customer experience brands have been revealed in a significant report


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  • Ernster tops the table of brands in Luxembourg excelling in customer experience
  • Financial Services emerges as the leading sector, with scores outstripping the national average by 6%
  • Luxembourg trails behind outstanding brands from the US and UK on the global stage but achieves a respectable overall score in line with worldwide average

Luxembourg’s leading customer experience brands have been revealed in a significant report released today by KPMG Luxembourg, highlighting best practice across multiple sectors. The largest of its kind, the Customer Experience Excellence Centre analysis, supported by customer specialists KPMG Nunwood, reveals who is leading the field and offers an in-depth analysis of Luxembourg Customer Experience landscape.

PMG surveyed over 1,000 customers for the Luxembourg report, covering 80 brands across 10 sectors. Ernster topped the table of all brands while LuxairTours and LALUX followed closely in second and third places respectively.

2018 Top 20 Luxembourg Customer Experience Brands

  1. Ernster
  2. LuxairTours
  3. LALUX
  4. BCEE
  5. Luxair
  6. Amazon
  7. Cactus
  8. Emile Weber
  9. ING
  10. Oberweis
  11. PayPal
  12. Netflix
  13. Raiffeisen Bank
  14. Foyer
  15. BGL BNP Paribas
  17. Colruyt
  18. Lidl
  19. Utopolis
  20. Freelander's Sports

With regards to sector performance, KPMG found that Luxembourg customers’ needs and expectations are best met by brands within the Financial Services sector, such as banks and insurance companies. With an average score of 7.14 (out of maximum 10), this sector is leading the field on customer experience, and outstripping the national average by 6%, with brands such as LALUX and BCEE.

Beyond Luxembourg

Compared against international best practices and customer experience performance in thirteen other countries that have been surveyed in parallel (such as the US, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Italy, to name just a few), Luxembourg brands are delivering good customer service. Achieving broadly similar results, the majority (69%) of the brands included in this study score between 6 and 7, with an average score of 6.70. Outstanding brands are more commonplace on the US and UK markets, which continue to set the pace and to provide best practice from which Luxembourg organisations can learn and draw inspiration.

Jean-Pascal Nepper, KPMG Partner, and leader on Customer Experience Excellence at KPMG, commented:

“Luxembourg businesses are rising to the challenge of getting things right for their customers. They excel in many of the key pillars of customer experience. However, unlike their counterparts in the US and UK, some Luxembourg brands have yet to fully embrace a form of “customer obsession”. There is still room for improvement if some of these brands are to evolve from customer awareness to embedded customer obsession. This shift may be supported by seeking inspiration from abroad and in a cross-sector perspective.”

Nepper, however, cautions against simply copying CX strategies seen in the US and UK, stressing that the Luxembourg market has its own complexities:

“With such a variety of nationalities living, working, and consuming in Luxembourg, the opportunities here hinge on catering to many cultures. Without strong intercultural capabilities, brands will struggle to pull off the right customer experience in this unique setting.”


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