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KPMG supports Equilibre’s launch of My Pledge initiative

KPMG supports My Pledge initiative

New, ground-breaking initiative to ensure more diversity at public events and conferences. Read the official PR released on 25 April at the press conference organised by Equilibre.


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Press and Media Officer

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What is my Pledge?

My Pledge is an initiative aimed at ensuring more diversity at public events, aligned with the global #NoWomenNoPanel movement.

As business and political leaders and role models in society, we pledge that whenever we are invited to a public speaking event, we will inquire about the organizer’s efforts to ensure gender diversity as keynotes and panels.

Everyone is invited to take part. You can register through our website or the LinkedIn group (also linked to the MyPledge page on our website) for women interested in being part of our database.

Pins can also be ordered from us to showcase that you are part of the movement and to recognize other pledgers. We give out pins to all those who either:

  • Convince 1 company to join My Pledge
  • Convince 3 people to become an individual pledger
  • Refer 3 ladies to our LinkedIn speaker group
  • Make a donation to Equilibre

The Pledge

I pledge to advocate for gender diversity on panels and at public speaking events by asking the following questions when organising an event, attending an event (speaker or attendee) and sponsoring an event:

  • Have you thought about gender diversity at the event and has the organiser taken any steps to ensure such diversity?
  • If the event has no diversity, I will propose either propose speakers or put the organiser in touch with Equilibre to find alternatives or additional speakers
  • As an ambassador to the program, I will highlight events lacking diversity when I come across them to Equilibre so they can get in touch with the organiser and advocate for positive change.
  • I will try to help my fellow pledgers to find suitable candidates for speaking engagements and endorse young, talented speakers and subject matter experts when possible
  • I am outspoken about the overall benefits of more gender diversity at public events

Equilibre will support pledgers by:

  • Maintaining a database of speakers and subject matter experts – LinkedIn Group with over 150 female speakers with the aim to grow the database to over 300 by the end of the year here.
  • Proposing free public speaking courses for subject matter experts and young talent in collaboration with local providers and inspired by best practices from Italy and Norway.

Who are the initial Pledgers?

PwC – joined 20.3.18
Tomorrowstreet – joined 13.3.18
AXA – joined 9.3.18
Société Générale – joined 9.4.18
Atoz Tax Advisors – joined 12.4.18
Allen & Overy – joined 16.4.18
Farvest – joined 17.4.18
KPMG – joined 18.4.18
The British Chamber of Commerce for Luxembourg – joined 18.4.18
Luxembourg Stock Exchange – joined 24.4.18
LaLux – joined 25.4.18

Find videos of the initial pledgers on our website.
We are in talks with many other local actors and are confident that many other companies will join. We invite anyone interested to get in contact with us.

Individual Pledgers
Next to our Corporate ambassadors, we also have the privilege of presenting over 30 individual ambassadors which you can find here with their statement on why diversity is important to them. They represent most Luxembourgish industries and we look forward to more individuals (women and men) joining My Pledge.


Who are we?
Equilibre is dedicated to promoting gender complementarity at work and in work-related issues. Using research as our guide and leverage, we aim to influence local culture, corporate culture and policy solutions to make meaningful change for women and men - and their families. Motivated by the opportunity to help close the inequality gap and support of the local eco-system, we continue to work for positive change.

We believe in external influence as much as internal action plans. It required a visit of a female US acceleration program to create the momentum for a think tank to evolve. We are extremely grateful to our founding members.

We address issues that impact the well-being of men and women and their families in relation to the work environment. We are passionate about eliminating barriers for everyone who wishes to have a career and a family. This is achieved through research, education programs and advocacy with the aim to influence local and corporate culture as well as policy makers. We wish to develop solutions that result in lasting change.
We believe that men and women who have an adequate work-life balance are the next chapter of economic growth. By investing into programs and policies affecting the above stakeholders, we all invest in a stronger, more innovative economy and society as a whole.

Research is the first stepping stone for all of our efforts. We know that we must fully understand the issues facing the working population today in order to enact lasting change. By using data as a driving force, we are able to have an influence on society, companies and policy makers. We create strategic partnerships with organisations that share our goals. All of our studies can be found under Studies on our website.

Our programs are always designed around best practices from other countries and research to ensure that we always offer the best of all possible solutions. We adapt the solutions to the local eco-system where we aim to get as much traction as possible. Change always takes time, so we work hard with a long-term view. All of our programs can be found under Programs on our website.

Let’s create positive change together!



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