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Are you tired of hearing why you should focus on ESG, and are you ready to start finding value in ESG? If trying to incorporate ESG funds into your portfolio  leaves you scratching your head, you're not alone. From evolving and complex regulations to issues surrounding greenwashing, it is not easy to find clear and actionable answers. Fortunately, the experts at KPMG can set you on the right course to make ESG a reality for you.

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What’s preventing you from finding value in ESG investments?

From strategy development to regulatory reporting, there are many challenges investors are faced with when trying to find value in ESG investments. Here are some of the most common obstacles you should be aware of:   

  • Aligning corporate ambitions with market trends and regulatory expectations
  • Meeting new generations of investors’ expectations
  • Finding the right ESG data providers
  • Adapting current information systems to properly manage ESG data
  • Monitoring sustainability risk for all products
  • High volumes of data
  • Meeting all levels of requirements for SFDR reporting

A holistic approach to ESG

Incorporating ESG into your strategy and operations will not only open new market opportunities, but will support long-term financial stability and management of non-financial risks. Our services cover the end-to-end journey to make ESG a reality for you. From strategy to daily operations and reporting, our dedicated team is ready to help you go from talking about ESG to extracting value from ESG.

Client Stories

ESG issues have become increasingly significant to our clients and their stakeholders, and KPMG brings insight to every critical opportunity. Whether it’s net-zero commitments, healthcare and equity or societal challenges, we recognize the need to be at the heart of these strategies to help overcome pressing challenges by working together.

How KPMG can help

  • Position


  • Develop


  • Monitor


  • Report



How KPMG can help you position your ESG strategy:

  • Creation of a strategy roadmap and the adoption of sustainable considerations in policies to adapt the operating model
  • Identify key topics to integrate sustainability at the core of your organization
  • Assess and support in the selection of ESG drivers and KPIs
  • Host workshops and e-learnings to train employees on ESG best practices and market trends
  • Provide guidelines for sustainability reporting
  • Support with the content of sustainability reports, ensuring they are tangible and credible demonstrations of the level of sustainability
  • Assess current capabilities and identify potential for the onboarding of new ESG products (from Art. 6 to Art. 8 and 9 SFDR)
  • Create an action plan from both the regulatory and marketing perspective
  • Support the exploitation of new ESG opportunities (such as the subscription tax reduction)


How KPMG can help you develop your ESG framework:

  • Perform gap analysis based on corporate ambitions and products
  • Screening and assessing of potential ESG data providers
  • Perform a data architecture readiness assessment for ESG data integration into your organization’s information systems and identify how the existing platform should evolve
  • Adjust roles and responsibilities over ESG data and adapt existing standards and procedures
  • Aid in updating minimum required documentation related ESG data
  • Assist in the definition of relevant KPIs and associated target value, design appropriate data quality controls and update data quality reports accordingly


How KPMG can help you with ESG data management services monitoring:

  • Calculating securities weight in portfolio to determine sector and country allocation
  • Identifying relevant sustainability risk factors based on the portfolio composition
  • Defining KSRIs for monitoring sustainability risk exposure
  • Cover regulatory needs for ESG data analysis and reporting at security level
  • Consolidate instrument data at portfolio level
  • Remove additional layers of complexity with easy to understand methodologies for investors, and defendable to regulators
  • Can tailor to clients’ needs for SFDR universe, EU taxonomy alignment, and ESG monitoring and controls


How KPMG can help you with SFDR advisory and reporting:

  • Support clients to comply with Principal Adverse Sustainability Impacts (PASI) requirements
  • Help clients draft “sustainability related disclosure” website content dedicated to article 8 or 9 products (Chapter IV final draft)
  • Assist clients in drafting pre-contractual report content to be added in pre-contractual documentation for each article 8 or article 9 product
  • Aid clients in drafting periodic report content and document generation for each article 8 or article 9 product

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